I have been offering college entrance test preparation classes at Eden Prairie High School for over 25 years.

I began teaching SAT/PSAT classes in Eden Prairie because we were not getting the number of National Merit Semifinalists that nearby school districts were getting. Fifteen years later we were getting more National Merit Semifinalists than any other school district in the state. Due to the popularity of my courses, I later added ACT classes and more and more sections of the course.  I also offer private tutoring for the ACT.

The classes are taught by experienced, certified classroom teachers.

Unlike Kaplan and Princeton Review courses, Mike Holm Test Prep courses are taught by certified teachers with decades of experience leading a classroom. 

Quality test preparation classes should be within reach of all students. 

I believe that all students, regardless of their family's income, should be able to access the resources they need to score their best on college entrance exams. That's why I offer financial aid options and installment payment plans for qualifying students. See the Classes page for more information on payment options. 

“Thanks again for offering this course. It has been exactly what we needed and a great experience for all three of my girls.”
— -a satisfied Eden Prairie parent
“Let me start by saying Mr. Holm and his team improved my composite score by 6 points. He has a phenomenal teaching technique that allows the student to understand the information needed to succeed and do well on the ACT. He understands how the ACT works, and more importantly, he knows how to teach you what they are looking for and how to succeed. This course is well worth your time and money.”
— Blake Birno

"{Our daughter} exceeded her goal and went from 28, to another 28, took your class in August, and got a 32!!!  She was VERY excited to say the least!  She even got a 35 in Science!  Thanks for the great class!"

--another happy parent

“Jake and Sophie were SUPER happy with their scores!  Sophie 1st time taking the test, and Jake’s second time - he raised his score 3 points from a 31 to 34.”
— another happy parent

"We are quite thrilled with his scores and also grateful to you for teaching the ACT prep course!  He improved a lot after your course.  Colin says he gained more confidence and became better at pacing as a direct result of your ACT class.  I'm grateful that all three of our kids had you as an ACT teacher.  Wishing you all the best!"

--another pleased parent


Of course I cannot guarantee improved test results, but below are the results from some former students:

  • All four children of Janet Platner, an Eden Prairie parent, took the ACT, then my course, and then retook the test. One improved by 2 points, one by 3, one by 4, and one by 7.

  • Kristen Fraser Long's two sons followed the same process and both improved by 5.

  • Grace Irvine took the test twice and got the same score both times; then she took my course and improved her score by 6. Another student went from a 27 to a 34.

  • In the 2015-16 school year, after my class Varun Kamath and Andre Espindola got 35's, Sally Pearson and Evan Liu got 34's, Katherine Lee, Adam Riester, and Ben Becker got 33's, and Natalie Olive got a 31. Elijah Fourre improved from 26 to 30, another student went from 29 to 33, and another student improved by 5.

  • In the 2016-17 school year, Merili Roberts and Colin Robinson got 35's, Odin Taylor got a 34, Kelly Meyer, Jack Frakes, Aneesha Andrew, Nathan Claver, Caleb Miller, and Jenna Carl got 33's, Allison Nguyen went from a 29 to a 33, Sara Haines went from a 28 to a 32, CeAnna Cummings got a 31, and Meghan Kuntz and Jackson Evans both improved by 4 points. Of course, many students with lower scores also showed much improvement after taking my course.

  • In the 2017-18 school year, Jacob Rhee and Justine Holm got 33's, Joe Sullivan got a 32, Taylor Wright and Julia R. got 31's, and Joe Francis got a 30. Callie Potvin improved her ACT score by 6 points, Jonathan Gibson and Kassidy Alger both improved by 5 points, Sydney Spears and Anika Barland improved by 4, and Sophia Heuer and Levi Fourre improved by 3! A student with an IEP improved by 8 points after taking my class and getting added time!

  • In the 2018-19 school year, Lauren S. and Laura Balboa got 33’s, and Jack Engelbrekt improved his ACT score four points to a 33 after taking my class. Canyon Pergande and Elke S got 32’s, another student got a 31, Blake Birno improved by 6 points, Nick Manthana improved by four points, and another student improved by seven points! Anya Zubar improved her composite score by four points and improved her reading and English scores by 12 each. Emma Coburn improved her Reading score by 5 points.

  • Many of Eden Prairie's National Merit Semifinalists have taken my P/SAT course. Julia Robinson scored a 233 on the PSAT and 2280 on the SAT after taking my class. In the 2016 class, five of my students, including Ben Stone, Carolyn Jons, and Disha Manvikar, qualified as National Merit Semifinalists. In the 2017 class, four of my students qualified as National Merit Semifinalists.

  • One student only improved her ACT score by one point after taking my class, but her college raised its scholarship offer by $2,000 per year for four years.